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Flappers, a common term used to identify new generation of young women in the West in 1920s. These women are notable for having a bob-cut hairstyle, wearing a short skirt and listening to jazz. They also wear heavy makeup, drink alcohols, treat sex casually, smoke cigarettes, drive cars and do things that promote liberalism and cultural breakthroughs.

Fashion and style was also rejuvenated by the flappers. Conservatives were shocked and washed away by these so-called “new breeds”. They had successfully removed the corset era from the women’s fashion as well as gown hemlines and long skirts. They also made short hair became popular for women. Cosmetics were associated with prostitutes, but they were able to change the notion because deep lipsticks and heavy eyeliners made them more glamorous. When it comes to dresses, they wear short and sleeveless dresses which made the arms and legs bare. Stockings they used were made up of rayon or silk. They also wear high-heeled shoes.

Welcome to FlapperGirlCostume.Com, the home of the ‘it’ girl of the 1920s.  We specialize in directing you to the most authentic looking Flapper girl costumes that are historically accurate.  Where will you wear your Flapper girl costume?  Many people like to dress up for Halloween in period costumes like the Flapper girl, but there are other occasions when you might need an authentic looking historical costume.  For instance, these Flapper costumes are ideal for plays that are set in the roaring Twenties, or for various other artistic endeavors.

The Flapper girl really was the ‘it’ girl of the roaring Twenties.  A Flapper girl was a young woman in the twenties who rebelled against what society expected of her.  These women didn’t care for society’s rules regarding fashion, dress, and behavior.  They ushered in the women’s movement and advanced the cause of women everywhere. To the flapper girl, these costumes would have been the bee’s knees (a flapper term that means ‘good’).

Flapper dresses were distinctly different from the dress of other women of the time.  Dresses had a dropped waistline and oftentimes were very provocative, even by today’s standards.  Most had a plunging neckline and a plunging back.  Many dresses were sleeveless.  Most were “loud” – and had either sequins and beads or a floral print.

To accessorize your Flapper girl costume, be sure to add:

-          Stockings.  While wearing stockings is a show of modesty, the flapper girl wore stockings with embroidered designs and icons upon them, and in lieu of garters, they wore chains.

-          Satin gloves.  Shoulder length satin gloves were a sexy way for the Flapper girl to stay warm and still dress unconventionally.

-          Crazy hats. Flapper girl costumes are incomplete without a feathered hat, peekaboo hat or some other type of hat to crown your short hair style (which can be achieved with a twenties wig).

If you are planning to have that revolutionizing look from the 20s in your next Halloween or costume party, why not choose a flapper costume? Flapper Girl Costume web site offers you the best flapper costumes at a very affordable price. You may choose from a variety of flapper costume designs from kids, teens to adults. Match it with fun and flirty accessories like wigs, stockings, hats, long cigarettes, feathery headbands, funky beaded necklaces and sultry pair of shoes.

Show them that your woman vigor as part of the “new breed”. Let them feel your essence as one of the 20s liberated women. Project that other side of yours as a woman. All our flapper costumes are available in Extra-Small, Small, Medium and Large sizes. So select the best flapper costume now! They are ready for shipment right at your front door.

The Flapper girl costume

So, there is a Halloween party coming up, and you need something to stand apart from the crowd? Want something to wear that oozes the style you represent? Then get your hands on the Flapper girl costume!

The Flapper girl costume is moulded after the woman who dares to be different. She is ahead of her time, outlandish yet feminine and gorgeous. The flapper girl costume brings out the tough no-nonsense side of every woman. She sheds any care for the world and stands proud and confident! The flapper girl costume defines you as a strong woman.

The flapper girl costume comes in all styles to suit the image you intend to carry. One popular style is the 70’s Flapper girl costume. This costume comes with a mini skirt and a blouse that is just a bit shorter than the skirt along with tights and high heels. Flapper costumes are usually in loud colors like bright pink, purple, magenta with highlights and contrast in blacks. The deep purple Flapper girl costumes are immensely popular!

Another immensely popular style is the 90’s version of the Flapper girl costume. This version is more about subtle loud bling. The costume comes in a mini dress with ruffles. The dress is in a solid colour of black, deep purple, pinks and even blood red! The dress is paired with 5-inch heels and extremely sexy transparent stockings.

A flapper girl costume is never complete without feathers and a blond wig! Feathers, in the form of a boa and a feather hair band are a must to be a flapper girl. The boas come in matching colors with the outfit. Blond wigs bring out the inner feminity in a woman and are essential for any woman who wants an authentic flapper girl look.

The flapper girl costume now needs only one thing to pull it off : attitude!

The Flapper Girl as per the people in west in the times of 1920s was used to identify new generation girls or young women whom follows the style and stays n trend and who are noticeable in the crowd. They are the girls who do not belong from the crowd they always stand out of it and grab everyone’s attention with their look and style. They have a unique style and appearance they have a bob-cut hairstyle that is the short hair cut and they wear mini skirt they listen o jazz they wear good amount of catchy makeup, consumption of alcohols is not something new for them, sex is very casual for them and they smoke cigarettes as well they also drive cars and do all the things that promote liberalism and cultural breakthroughs. They brought in the style and fashion statements and they washed off the conservation and old tradition to some extent. They brought in the series of new trend and had an attitude which drove people in till some extent.

Flapper girl was very famous and to bring out the feel back to live of this famous girl costume here we are is the web site which is totally for those special and beautiful and attractive flapper girl costumes. They look very elegant and they give you a complete different feel and they make you grab a lot of eyes. Flapper girl costume is just fit for any costume or theme party and the Halloween is right around the corner and girls are looking for their costume already. Flapper girl costume is the best costume that you can wear as this costume will make you stand out of the crowd and you will look elegant as well as bold and beautiful.

If you are looking for something eye catching then flapper girl costume is the costume for you. Check out the web site to get to know the costumes better and you will get a huge range to choose from chose the one which fits your personality the best and rock the upcoming party. Happy Shopping!!

Flapper girl costumes are always a fancy choice for a Halloween costumes.  Flapper girls are a label for the new-age women way back during the 1920′s.  Flapper girls were known to be the more flirtatious type women, dolled-up with lots of make-up and short skirts.  They had the attitude and the hair that made them the wish of every man back in the day.

The stylish design is what makes these flapper girl costumes so attractive.  They could be plain or as extravagant as you wish.  They are very sexy despite the fact that they do not show much skin.  They come in so many colors and designs making it easy to find what would best fit a young woman.

The free spirited attitude is a great attraction to the women and the men.  If you want to be sexy, sophisticated but hard-core then try out a Flapper girl costume.   Get a feel of what is like to be one of them.  You will definitely be one of the attractions in a Halloween party with this chic outfit.  What is great about this type of costume is that you do not need to wear them only for Halloween parties.  Themed parties are a fad with the young generation and these youngsters are fond of going with the oldies theme to experience what life was like back then.

Themed parties are always a delight, and if you really want to stand out in a party, think of a good costume to wear in one.  Do not go with the ordinary if you want to be different.  Ordinary is safe but it is what it is; ordinary.  This is the time where you show the best you can do when it comes to costumes and the best part about it is that with the technology today, you do not even have to make your own.

Go back in time with a Flappers Costume. The 20s was a time when the women sported a short hairstyle, wore short skirts and listened to classic jazz music. That was also a time of loud music, alcohol and promiscuity and some unique fashion trends. The best of this era’s Halloween costumes can be had at Flapper Girl Costume. A sleeveless dress, nylon or silk stockings and high heeled shoes make up this costume. The necklines are low and enticing and each of the accompanying hats a masterpiece. These costumes are available in every possible size, to suit every kind of body and stature.

Accessorizing Your Flapper Girl Costume

Channel your inner flapper girl in true roaring twenties style with the right accessories for your flapper girl costume. Flapper girls were really into hats, and they had a hat for every occasion. And since they were all about breaking apart from the norm, many of them smoked (which was rare for women at the time to smoke in public).  While you don’t want to pick up this nasty and expensive habit, carrying a fake cigarette in your teeth (on a long filtered stem if possible) is a good way to lend an authentic air to your efforts to look like a genuine flapper girl.

Bringing about social change and blazing the trail for other women isn’t an easy job, especially if your knickers are riding up your backside! The true flapper girl was the fashionista of her day, and her outfit was always well-fitting. Before buying your flapper costume, be sure to measure your waist, hips, chest, and torso, and to note your height and weight. Compare these figures to the size chart for the costume that you want to purchase. You should also compare the overall costume length with your height in order to gauge fit. Keep in mind that altering a costume can be tricky, so taking measurements right the first time is important.

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